Ensuring that quality education is available to all Utahns is a top priority of my legislative office. Education is a key differentiator in providing opportunity and stability for families and economic strength for the future of our communities. Attracting, training, and retaining qualified and motivated teachers is critical to the success of our children and the continued growth and prosperity of our communities. Accountability in our schools will continue our legacy of producing talented students who are ready to contribute in substantive jobs.


Students who are not at reading grade level by 3rd grade are four times more likely not to finish high school. Providing responsible programs to help develop capable students and life-long learners will pay tremendous dividends as we look to the future of our communities.


My family has created and supported the “Road to Success” program for children in grades K-6 and “Keys to Success” for young adults in grades 9-12 to support local schools, help Utah students increase their literacy, and provide them the opportunity to excel as they work with their counselors. 

Currently, one in five Utah students doesn’t graduate from high school. Two-thirds of those students end up in prison within five years. If we are to change this troubling statistic we will need to find effective and innovative ways to help those who are falling behind. 

Higher Ed. & Applied Technical Colleges

Our State Motto is “Industry.” Our symbol is the beehive. Global competition for jobs continues to increase. Utah is known for its competitive and capable workforce. To be successful, we must continue to support higher education and technical colleges.