I'm grateful to have the support of many within the community, House District 20, and throughout the state. Read my endorsements below and add your name to the list by filling out the form. Thank you!

Elected Officials

  • Melissa has been extremely engaged in the Legislative session. I've been impressed with her involvement with some of the big issues facing Utah. I think she is well prepared to step in and make an immediate impact. - State Senator Todd Weiler
  • I’ve known Melissa (and Craig) for 20+ years. They are people of integrity, judgement and honor. Melissa is committed, engaged, knowledgeable and enthusiastic and will do a great job representing District 20. I fully endorse her candidacy. - Brian Horrocks, North Salt Lake City Council
  • Melissa Ballard is an asset. As I’ve had the opportunity to serve in the Utah Legislature as Senate President and help build the business community as President of the Salt Lake Chamber, and I can tell you that Melissa would be a fantastic representative for House District 20. She will help Utah remain one of the best place to live, work, learn, and raise a family. - Joy and Lane Beattie, Former Utah Senate President & President/CEO of the Salt Lake Chamber
  • “As Mayor of Woods Cross, I’m exited to support and give my endorsement to Melissa.  She will be a great legislator for both us here locally and for the State of Utah.” - Mayor Rick Earnshaw
  • Melissa's strengths are her abilities to bring people and ideas together and to consider future opportunities and not solely focus on current issues. She has demonstrated that she will lead forward and speak out on issues facing Davis County and will vigorously defend our freedoms as citizens. - Curtis Poole, Planning Commissioner, Woods Cross
  • We are voting for Melissa Ballard. We are impressed with the work that Melissa did with the Legislative Affairs Committee. She has the proven skills to work with legislators, civic leaders and business owners. She is a strong advocate for public education in Utah. She and her family have supported local education through "Road to Success" and "Keys to Success." Melissa will do great serving the people of Utah and specifically the residents of South Davis County. She has the knowledge, skills, and desire to excel as our state representative in House District 20. - Matt & Jackie Terry, Wood Cross City Council

Community Leaders

  • Melissa has a strong desire to defend and protect the family values we cherish here in Utah. She recognizes how important the education of our children is in that process. The citizens of Utah can count on her to represent us well as she holds herself and fellow legislators accountable to work for the long term good of the people they serve. - Wayne Eckman, West Bountiful
  • I wholeheartedly endorse Melissa Ballard in her candidacy for the Utah House of Representatives. I have worked with Melissa for nearly ten years and have found her to be an individual who has a keen sense of issues important to Davis County.  She is honest and does what she says she will do.  Most importantly, she listens and is not afraid to work hard to achieve goals important to those whom she represents.  I am confident that Melissa is the best representative for Davis County. - Dr. W. Bryan Bowles, Former Davis County Superintendent
  • Melissa Ballard has my full support. She has been a friend for many years. I have been impressed with her involvement in community issues and the way she generously gives of her time and resources. She has the courage and confidence to speak out and the ability to tackle assignments and challenges with determination and creativity. - Karen Hughes

  • I have known Melissa for awhile and have appreciated her dependability, talents, teamwork and willingness to make a difference. She will be amazing in this position. - Lori O'Toole, Community Volunteer
  • Melissa makes a great candidate because of her passion and devotion to all that is good. She will represent our area well due to her desire to lift those around her! - Curtis Beesley
  • I support Melissa Garff Ballard for Utah House of Representatives because she will be a pro-active, positive advocate for Davis County and get things done! She has been involved in many volunteer and charitable organizations which center on education as well as helping families in low income areas. She is a thoughtful and compassionate person who listens and engages with all people. Melissa is a great leader and seeks out new ideas and different perspectives before reaching reasonable decisions. She is approachable and committed to serving the needs of the many diverse people in the area and I believe she will represent the values of Davis County and use her experience of years of community service to help our neighborhoods grow in ways that will benefit us greatly. - Jill Harmon
  • I was excited to hear that Melissa Ballard is running for a seat in the Utah State Legislature as a representative for House District 20. I have known Melissa for more than 20 years. She possesses a wide variety of skills that will serve her and those she represents very well. Melissa is a person of unquestionable integrity. She can always be counted on to get things done. She is a doer! - Gene Chidester
  • I've known Melissa for over twenty years and enthusiastically support and endorse her. She is remarkable! She works hard and listens. She is genuine, kind and caring. Without a doubt, she has the qualities a lawmaker needs to successfully represent us. Please join me in supporting Melissa in her quest to represent our district. - Nathan Hale
  • One of Melissa's traits that I admire the most about Melissa is her heart. She is always willing to offer a helping hand to people in need. She does this by listening and finding ways to facilitate solutions or offers valuable guidance. I feel that her approach will be similar when it comes to our current and future challenges we will face in Utah. I believe the state of Utah will benefit from Melissa's personal integrity, grit and strength to make difficult decisions and create a positive impact. It is my pleasure to endorse Melissa Ballard for the House of Representatives. - Moses Sohn, Small Business Owner
  • I've known Melissa my entire life. I've watched her raise her six beautiful children as well as serve on music boards at the University of Utah. She is an effective multi-tasker. She has a genuine love for others around her as well as an enthusiasm for life. Her life experiences have given her the vision of what her community can become. Melissa is focused, fair, hard working, and is considerate of every view. She will make a significant difference and is well qualified as a representative for the House District 20. - Natalie Hicks
  • Melissa was my new piano teacher over 20 years ago. I was a teenager with talent, but not much drive. Melissa was positive, uplifting and inspired a love for music and hard work in me. She was my advocate and cheerleader and even helped me receive a scholarship. Melissa would be a perfect choice for the representative of house district 20. She is very aware of the needs in her community. She is very positive and her work ethic is unmatched. - Courtney Derrick, Melissa's Former Student
  • One of the great benefits of living in our community is that some of the best and brightest people rise up to represent us in public office. Melissa Garff Ballard is one of those uniquely qualified and prepared leaders we urgently need to represent us in the Utah House of Representatives. Her education, her extensive resume of  service & leadership, and her exemplary life experience qualify her completely. Our future as a state and community will be secure and prosperous with Melissa leading the way in the Utah legislature. - Peter & Mary Ann Van Alstyne
  • I grew up with Melissa and can't think of a family I have more respect for than the Garffs. I believe Representative Garff-Ballard will put her good heart, level head, and creative problem-solving skills to use making our state an even better place to live, play, and work. Go get 'em, Melissa! -Alysa Revell
  • I wholeheartedly endorse Melissa Garff Ballard for House District 20. Melissa has acquired a great deal of experience in dealing with local, county and state issues. For years, I have seen Melissa work tirelessly with students of all ages, challenging them to become the most successful people they can be as well as providing them opportunities to grow. I can personally attest to the fact that Melissa is a champion for education. In all Melissa does she exemplifies honesty, trustworthiness and thoughtfulness. She will stand up for the values our state has exemplified for over one hundred years. I strongly believe she is the best qualified candidate for House District 20. - Catherine Johnson, PTA
  • Melissa is a natural leader. She grew up here in Davis County and has raised her family in our public schools. She has championed local business with her dedicated advocacy on the Davis Chamber and will continue her leadership representing our values on Utah’s Capitol Hill. - Swen Howard, West Bountiful

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